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Comfort Series



Serie Gold TR611  Security Door
Serie Gold TR611 Security Door

Serie Gold TR410  Security Door
Serie Gold TR410 Security Door

Serie Gold TR611  Security Door
Serie Gold TR611 Security Door

Security Door

Designed to meet changing market requirements with high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, the Comfort Series achieves the latest challenging standards required for protection against cold, heat and noise.


“Comfort” series doors are manufactured using a double sheet steel structure which is insulated and reinforced with vertical omega steel stiffeners.  There is an added layer for extra thermal insulation.

The "Comfort" series offers a high level of security with impressive
levels of thermal insulation.
The leaf structure is reinforced with double steel omega strengtheners.
The secure locking bolts, with those in the central lock connected to those at the top and bottom of the leaf are intrinsic to the security of the door set.
Latch adjustment device with the tamper-proof plate prevents manipulation of the lock and facilitates the sliding of the spring latch.
The first class thermal and acoustic performances of the door are as a result of insulating materials installed within the door leaf. Glazed leaves, fanlights, arched door sets and other special workings are affordable.

Available configuration for Comfort Series

Security Door