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Elegance Series


Security Door

Simple lines and plain surfaces that are flush with the walls and without interruption.

Our Elegance Series express the latest modern trends of interior design – simplicity, grace, and refinement. 

Elegance Series, concealed hinges door with an elevated level of security and impressive levels of thermal and acoustic performance. 

Concealed Hinges Doors

The Elegance Series includes an extremely strong structure in double sheet electro-galvanized steel with internal vertical strengtheners in the leaf. In addition, the doors come with top, bottom, and central locking bolts with an anti-drill plate to protect the security lock. 
The dual screen insulation - internal insulation of rock wool and additional insulation panels under the internal and external panels - provides superior performance even in terms of comfort. The door is equipped with three large, fixed dog bolts welded to the external sheet and two sturdy hinges which are inserted within the frame when closed, resulting in the inner side of the leaf being flush with its surroundings. 
Additional characteristics include the inner panel lining, which provides an optical effect of coplanarity with the frame, and the edges of the panel that are made of anodized aluminum beveled towards the frame.
Interior trims - gloss or opaque, trendy wood with horizontal or vertical veins - blend the style and elegance with the décor of the modern home.
For the outside panels, the vast range of our panel selection is available to provide consistency with the architectural context in which the door set is installed.

Available configuration for our concealed hinges door Series Elegance

Security Door
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