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Portalli Series


Security Door

Strong and safe, with fluid movements and prestigious finishes, our Security Series Portalli Doors combine optimum performance and aesthetics to blend in naturally in historic buildings, modern construction, prestigious villas, and ancient farmhouses.

The "Portalli" Series is our response to the increasing requirement for bespoke Security Door sets to suit “OVERSIZE” entrances

Oversized Security Doors

The Portalli Series, because of their size and their weight, require the incorporation of stronger structural features. Our company has created an oversized Security Door that is especially designed double sheet steel, reinforced to resist burglary, and remain non deformable over time, to ensure maximum strength and security. 
These oversized Security Doors are equipped with three (3) robust adjustable hinges (with vertical and lateral adjustment), four (4) dog bolts and additional lock protection. 
The Portalli sub-frame is made of thicker steel and has more fixing points than any other model.

The coatings - plain or milled, solid wood or aluminum, engineered wood or lacquered, with iron grates or stainless-steel handles - offer endless possibilities to provide the perfect match for all kinds of properties. 
The Portalli series is available as single or double door sets with equal leaf sizes.
 Security Door

Available configuration for Portalli Series

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