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Sun-Light Series

PDF Specs:


Sun-Light Series are the perfect choice for those who need transparency of glass and entrance of light, while at the same time demanding excellent performance in terms of protection, and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Strength, Security and Natural illumination
Security Door

Security / Anti Burglary
Class 3 (ENV 1627) 

Acoustic Insulation
Rw 38 to 40dB 

Depending on the kit specified

                                                        Thermal insulation
U= 2.1 to 1.6 W / m²K

with Strong Plus glass

Security Door

Ideal for small offices of professional firms, perfect between terraces and gardens, Series Sun-Light Security doors offer access to light while, at the same time, maintaining a higher level of security, without sacrificing style and insulation. 
The structure includes double galvanized steel sheet, with a high-security multi-point locking system. The steel jambs are reinforced to hold the Strong Plus glass series and provide the required levels of insulation and security. 
The high-security glass doors are rated to EN356. P6B is certified to DL 115 and DL 192 (Safety standards), and the inner vacuum is filled with inert gas to provide better acoustic and thermal insulation. 

Series Sun-light is available in standard sizes or made to measure for single and double doors and can be customized in every detail with a wide choice of woods, colors, and configurations: with fanlight and side panels as well as inwards and outwards opening. 

High-Security Glass Doors 

Door Leaf

  • Structure – double galvanized steel sheet (10/10 outer and inner)

  • Insulation – rock wool fiber within the door leaf frame - also assists with thermal insulation

  • Hanging side – two robust adjustable welded hinges and five dog bolts

  • Lock protection plate

  • Adjustable keep for latch bolt

  • Panel keeper (door leaf edges) with brown finish (option for RAL colors or stainless steel)

  • Soft rubber gasket for sealing in between door leaf and door jambs (sealing against dust, noise and air)

  • ‘Standard’ range of door furniture (available in different finishes and colors)

  • Door limiter (door check)

  • Adjustable drop seal in base

  • Vertical door styles – 150mm wide reinforced steel to provide robust frame for security glazing

Security Glazing - based on "Strong Plus" with the following characteristics 

  • Thickness – circa 37 mm

  • External glass certified to European P6B security standards with clear thermal insulation layer

  • Internal glass laminated in compliance with DL 115 and 192 (safety standards)

  • Inert gas between external and internal panes 


High Security Multipoint Locking with Euro Profile Cylinder

Controlled by just a single small key, the locking system provides concurrent operation of two double locking bolts at the base, three on the center and two at the top on the door leaf; the lock itself has a central shaft that is hardened to resist cutting, individual bolts of die cast toughened steel and a gearing system that ensures a smooth operation and minimizes pressure on the key.


An important security feature for the entire range of Euro profile cylinders (Smart, Excel or Torterolo & Re ‘Prestige’) is the additional protection afforded by a hardened steel defender (shield) – this is firmly anchored within the door leaf and is provides added protection against attempts to attack the locking system. 


A further feature is the gear lock – apart from its inherent resistance to forced entry, if a cylinder was to be forcibly removed, the lock itself is blocked so that it cannot be removed. 

In the event of lost keys, replacement cylinders can be provided – it is the cylinder alone that requires replacement, and this is not a complicated process. 


Frame and Subframe

Range of frames and integral subframes of rolled 2mm steel plate finished with powder coated deep brown (RAL color finishes also available including assorted colors internally and externally). 

Other than standard frames, other versions are available to meet different architectural and building requirements from new structures to renovation and refurbishments.



As well as the entire range of “standard” panels selection, individually designed panels are often specified to ensure that customers’ requirements are met. The range of panels includes solid or machined, plain engineered wood finishes and aluminum – the possibilities are endless. 

Variety and Flexibility


The following can readily be added to the Gold Plus series:

  • Arched doors, both single and double

  • Overhead fanlights with either solid or glazed panels (the latter can be arched and the glazing can be decorative) – including arched fanlights

  • Access control – an electrical strike to provide for controlled remote access

  • Inward and outward openers

Available configuration for Sun-Light Series for our High-Security Glass Doors

Security Door
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