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Technical Info

Security (Anti-Burglary) Certification

Torterolo & Re, who have previously submitted their doors for testing to meet standards prescribed in historic legislation has a clear goal of ensuring that all its current models have been successfully tested to achieve current European Standards.

Comfort: well-being begins with energy saving

Environmental resources are precious and they need careful management. As a result of their integral insulation, our security doors help save energy, reduce emissions and heating bills and make the home, office or other environments more comfortable both in winter and summer.

Treat yourself to the luxury of Silence

Maintaining personal privacy and avoiding external noise are luxuries that you can treat yourself to very easily, because all doors in our product range achieve certified standards for sound insulation.


From February 2010, it has been a legal requirement to ensure that all pedestrian doors conform to CE and be marked as such. The CE mark is a breakthrough in consumer protection and provides the assurance that products meet the requirements of the Directive for Construction Material and other standards; a special CE label is provided with each door set to highlight conformance and other properties.


Certification for:












Ballistic Level 1 (9mm) to Level 5 (7.62 or AK-47)

available by Request. 

Evidence of resistance to penetration by projectiles cal .44 Remington Magnum and .357 Magnum, made of sheet steel, type "RAMOR 500", nominal thickness 2.5 mm

The tests were performed at our Ballistic Laboratory on June 27, 2013 on three steel plates type "RAMOR 500", nominal thickness 2.5 mm

Security Door

Bullet Rating, Certification

Performance Requirements 

For doors, the exterior doors and pedestrian products standard EN14351 – 1 covers the following:


  • Water tightness

  • Release of dangerous substances (in the event of a collision from inside)

  • Wind resistance

  • Impact strength (for glass doors, this covers the risk of injury to personnel)

  • Size (height)

  • Soundproofing

  • Thermal insulation

  • Permeability

Security Door

Intrusion Certification

Resistance to Forced Entry

All of our Security Door Systems are assessed using the European standard, ENV1627 – within this standard, the classes that are appropriate for residential dwellings are Class 2 (defined as being applicable to houses with a ‘low’ security 

risk), Class 3 (for houses with ‘medium’ risk) and Class 4 (for buildings in which a ‘high’ level of protection is required).


Security Door

Acoustic properties – Soundproofing


The greater the level of soundproofing, the greater the general comfort in a residence or building – rigorous testing programs are undertaken to ensure high levels of sound proofing in our products



Increasingly particular sound proofing standards are being specified – the overall sound insulation of a building, and within this, individual components is measured in decibels (dB)Tests are undertaken at official internationally recognised test laboratories using the following international standards:


  • UNI EN ISO 717-1 and UNI EN ISO 140-3

      Performance Requirements – Doors


For exterior doors standard EN14351 :


  • Water tightness

  • Release of dangerous substances (in the event of a collision from inside)

  • Wind resistance

  • Impact strength (for glass doors, this covers the risk of injury to personnel)

  • Size (height)

  • Soundproofing

  • Thermal insulation

  • Permeability

Weather Resistance


For doors with a particular exposure to the elements (especially wind and rain) as well as ensuring that the exterior panel of the door leaf is specified with a suitably weather resistant surface, special kits to ensure that a door is sealed tightly within the frame are available.

Good levels of thermal and acoustic insulation help to save energy in making homes and buildings comfortable to live and work in – the higher the levels of insulation, the lower the costs and greater the efficiency of the living or working environment.Increasingly, a range of regulations is being enforced to ensure the overall thermal performance of a building with specific “U” values being stipulated for, for example, external doors and windows.Important standards that relate to these aspects include:


  • UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and 2 and UNI EN ISO 10211


Thermal profile of the security door COMFORT 09

Thermal Properties


The “U” value is a measure of the thermal properties of a door; the lower the “U” value, the greater the heat retention of the door and therefore the greater the energy savings that are available.


Increasingly specific “U” values are being specified in national / local building regulations.

Security Door
Security Door

CE Marking

In 1989, Directive 89/106 (CPD) for Building Materials was issued by the European Council; it relates to all products that are to be used as permanent fixtures in construction works. The following have requirements that must be met; these refer to:


Mechanical resistance and stability

Fire protection

Health safety and environmental issues


Acoustic protection

Energy economy / thermal performance

The CPD refers to a series of “harmonized” standards – these relate to individually specified sectors and a number of standards are still in the process of being developed

Security Door
The CE Mark.


Our products are supplied with the CE mark. This means that our doors meet the requirements of the Materials for Construction directive and specific product standards.

To achieve these, our products undergo the most stringent tests at independent and recognized laboratories, both to ensure their performance and guarantee these values.

Certification, a guarantee for the user

All production is certified to meet security standards and is CE marked. All product models are insulated against heat, cold and noise.

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