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Gold Plus Series X-Touch



Our Series X-Touch, are manufactured using a double sheet steel structure which is insulated and reinforced with vertical omega manganese steel stiffeners, a high security multi-point locking system that is operated electronically via a remote control or a variety of secure access control systems.  Mechanical operation of the lock using a key is available in an emergency. 

Advanced electronics with the simplicity of a Touch Screen
Security Door

Available in a variety of sizes both standard and customized, the full range of panels is available to ensure a comprehensive product range.


The X-Touch features a touch screen that controls the management system of the door.

The door is equipped with a motorized security lock and all its functions are operated by a touch screen on the internal side of the door leaf; from the outside the door is opened using a simple remote control.

Class 4 (ENV 1627)

Acoustic Insulation
Rw 37dB (RW 40dB and 42 dB with additional kit)

                                                        Thermal insulation
U= 1.8W / m²K (until U= 1.5 with additional kit)

Security Door

The electronic system provides complete management of the advanced features of the door - programming operational modes, managing remote controls, access control, and setting time parameters and controls. From the display all operational criteria can be viewed, including the precise identification of the remote control that has initiated each operation.


The camera installed outside transmits to the display external images which are stored in a memory and can be managed as on a computer.

X-Touch has external connections that enable it to be controlled either by a remote button or it can be integrated into more complex access control systems.

In emergencies the door can be opened using a mechanical key. Back up batteries enable normal operation of the door in the event of temporary power outage. 

Door Leaf


  • Structure – double galvanized steel sheet (12/10 outer and 10/10 inner) reinforced with internal vertical omega cut-resistant stiffeners in manganese steel

  • Insulation – fireproof material within the door interior

  • Hanging side – two robust adjustable welded hinges (with the option for three hinges if specified) and five dog bolts

  • Lock protection plate

  • Adjustable keep for latch bolt

  • Panel keeper (door leaf edges) with brown finish (option for RAL colors or stainless steel)

  • Soft rubber gasket for sealing in between door leaf and door jambs (sealing against dust, noise and air)

  • ‘Standard’ range of door furniture (available in different finishes and colors)

  • Door limiter (door check)

  • Wide angled door view

  • Adjustable drop seal in base


Electronically Controlled High Security

Multipoint Locking System


Operation of the motorized lock - concurrent operation of two double locking bolts at the base, three on the center and two at the top on the door leaf can be achieved in a number of ways.

These include:

  • Use of a key fob externally and a small control panel on the door internally (primarily for domestic purposes) – in this situation, the lock is often battery powered

  • A variety of access control systems (swipe card, biometric, punch code and others) with the power supply being provided through the main electrical system.

For battery operation of the lock, the system has been tested with one set of batteries over 10,000 cycles – this equates to normal domestic operation over a period of at least 18 months; in addition the system provides an indication of remaining battery life.


Frame and Subframe


Range of frames and integral subframes of rolled 2mm steel plate finished with powder coated dark brown (RAL color finishes also available including different colors internally and externally).

Other than standard frames, other versions are available to meet different architectural and building requirements from new structures to renovation and refurbishments.



As well as the entire range of “standard” panels selection, individually designed panels are often specified to ensure that customers’ requirements are met.  The range of panels includes solid or machined, plain engineered wood finishes and aluminium – the possibilities are endless

Variety and Flexibility


The following can readily be added to the Gold Plus series:

  • Arched doors, both single and double

  • Overhead fanlights with either solid or glazed panels (the latter can be arched and the glazing can be decorative) – including arched fanlights

  • Access control – an electrical strike to provide for controlled remote access

  • Inward and outward openers

Available configuration for X-Touch Series

Security Door
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